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Today’s Specials

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Lunch Specials

Catch of the Day

Garlic Panko crusted Swordfish with a Lobster tomato and smoked paprika cream sauce served with choice of rice and salad


Daily plate #1

Beef pot roast with roasted garlic and truffle gnocchi with Mushroom and peas tossed in horseradish jus lie


Daily plate #2

Deep fried Ono topped with a Lomi tomato salsa served with choice of rice and salad


Daily Salad

Smoked Chilean Sea bass belly with spicy aioli over a bed of baby Spinach with Plum vinaigrette


Taco special

Ginger Lemongrass Panko crusted Au with thai coconut curry drizzle served with choice of fries or salad


Dinner Specials

Fish Market Specials

Spicy California Ahi Poke

Available and Sold in the Fish Market Only!!

Malolo Hat

Available and Sold in the Restaurant Side Only!!